Aah, Transparent TGA’s Made Easily!

September 29th, 2007 by Davan Camus

I am pleased to mention that my User has released a new version of his Mac OS X utilities, qt_tools. These command line tools are remarkably handy for two Second Life related tasks.

First, qt_proofsheet can be used to dice up any QuickTime movie into a grid of still frames, suitable for texture animation.

Second, qt_export can convert Photoshop to TGA files keeping transparency correctly! Yes, yes, it can be done with proper use of the Alpha Channel in Photoshop, but I do find it a bit of a bother. QT_Export respects the Photoshop document’s transparent areas, and converts them into TGA alpha channel.

Simply type:

    [bash] qt_export myFile.psd myFile.tga


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  1. Peter Stindberg Says:

    You DO know this web ressource for doing animated TGA files? http://www.peregrinesalon.com/anim/

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