llRegionSay(), and Modern Convenience

May 16th, 2007 by Davan Camus

So, at last, it appears that someone has cracked the 100m barrier! Apparently there is a new technology, soon to be available, which allows an object to speak clearly — without even shouting — and be heard anywhere in a Sim.

Oh, progress is a wonderful thing, but I cannot help but feel a bit of sadness as, one by one, the old ways pass and newfangled conveniences become available. You know, a loss of cleverness, too. I remember being surprised and delighted by someone’s description of a scanner which sent out a flurry of invisible prims to gather data, and they’d all reconverge to report their findings.

And our own endeavors, at the cavorite mines: To summon our Vertikon, which does carry us between ground level and our 700m altitude workshop, we managed to train an Alien Annoyer to dutifully travel the 700m, ask the Vertikon to please report to ground — or workshop — level, and then return. It’s really quite dramatic!

But alas, such jerry rigging shall no longer have motivation, with cheap and plentiful long distance bandwidth.

And the ShoutMesh! Although it still perhaps has application for continental communication grids. But how long until someone discovers llAnywhereSay()?

Ah well, I am happy to have been here during those simpler times, when an avatar had to distort his own trapezoid textures, live with Local Lighting for its sheer pleasure, and string together networks in 100m intervals. Those were exciting times!

But bring on the New Progress, I say, for greater challenges still await!

Onward and upward!

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  1. Desmond Shang Says:

    Davan! Good to see you back!

    And indeed, I am STILL looking for a weather system communicator thingy!

    regionsay, then a shout to link to the next one, 1 node per sim?


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