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llRegionSay(), and Modern Convenience

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

So, at last, it appears that someone has cracked the 100m barrier! Apparently there is a new technology, soon to be available, which allows an object to speak clearly — without even shouting — and be heard anywhere in a Sim.
Oh, progress is a wonderful thing, but I cannot help but feel a bit of […]

Rotating A Wheel

Friday, December 29th, 2006

…or a reel.
From time to time I have come across a device whose wheels are rotating all akimbo. This is due to incorrect usage of llTargetOmega(). The behavior of llTargetOmega() is a little bit odd, and we shall here demonstrate a small script which tames it.
llTargetOmega(vector axis, float spinrate, float gain);
For a nonphysical object (the […]